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Maybe you are just looking or a part time job?

Maybe you are looking for something to get out

of the house for just a few hours each day?

Maybe you are looking to do some light work but

feel part of a team?

We have a job for you!

Come be our prep person and dish person. We are

looking for someone that would love to spend anywhere from three to five hours

a day a couple days a week to help us prep our produce, cheese, sauces,

burritos, etc and get them ready for the assemblers. You could also take on the

task of dishes that need to be done around 1030am or 2pm depending on your


McDonald’s and

its independent franchisees care about their employees and that’s why we

provide them with an opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed every day. By

offering industry-leading education programs and world-class training, we

provide opportunities that inspire confidence and foster valuable skills to help

employees thrive wherever they are on their journey, whether they stay at

McDonald’s or go elsewhere. There is a reason more than 80% of employees are

proud to work at McDonald’s and would recommend working at one of our

restaurants. A Crew Team Member at McDonald’s is more than just a paycheck –

it’s a chance to gain life skills and grow as an individual. And for anyone

willing to take advantage of these opportunities…we’re committed to becoming

America’s Best First Job.