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A Maintenance Worker is responsible for cleaning and maintaining buildings and equipment cleanliness, A part from cleaning which is their main task, they also perform certain light customer related duties. Other responsibilities are:

- The job of a Maintenance worker entails cleaning the outdoors and indoors of our restaurant, office, kitchen, lobby and playplace facilities.

- They perform most of their functions indoors but sometimes it could be outdoors with tasks which include mowing lawns, sweeping walk-paths, and clearing outdoor waste bins.

- They are tasked with the responsibility of inspecting property, and performing maintenance duties such as replacing light bulbs and other minor repairs.

- A Maintenance worker's role includes sweeping, cleaning, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, emptying waste bins, and fixing minor issues.

- They may be responsible for unlocking and locking buildings early in the morning and late in the evening respectively.

- Their work description also involves resupplying or restocking restroom paper products and toiletries such as air freshener, towels and soaps.

- They perform periodic duties like waxing the floors, trimming shrubs/trees and other duties as required.

- Janitors may also do seasonal inspection on utilities like smoke detectors, air conditioning units, fire place and others.

- The minor repairs they perform might include fixing leaky pipes, replacing bulbs, and possibly faulty doors and window.

Most of the people that started as Maintenance worker has moved up into management.