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Earning repeat visits and inspiring smiles on both sides of the counter, EVERY DAY.

That’s our motto and vision statement here at The Cichos Organization. Yes, we do love our guests, but we love our Team even more; and we are growing!!! We are looking for a certain type of individual, not just anyone to join our family. (Yes, I said family because that’s the kind of environment it is) 

Here at the Cichos Organization, we are looking for someone to fill the position of our Happiness Hero Role (Crew Person). What does that mean exactly?  It’s someone who is -

  • A concierge expert.
  • Coachable and willing to grow.
  • Successful in a fast-paced environment.
  • Excited about the positives (even the little ones).
  • Militant about procedures. 
  • Committed to quality
  • Has an abundant mindset. 
  • Can inspire smiles on BOTH sides of the counter every day.
  • Wanting to earn PTO
  • Growing from benefits including college tuition assistance.
  • Enjoys side by side training.
  • Excited by work events (potluck, themed fun days, and WAY MORE!!!)

Are you sick and tired of working in an environment that’s understaffed? Underappreciated? And do you feel like you are the only one doing all the work?  We get it, it's rough out there but, here at McDonald’s we go beyond the gold standard of our competitors in everything we do! 

We understand everyone is suffering from the lack of employees, but we are not!!! 

WE all work together as a team, and you will get opportunities to work side by side with our management team.

How many companies do you know where the BIG boss is working side by side with you to help your growth and development? Speaking from personal experience I can’t think of many. With that style of leadership, it trickles down to our Area Supervisors, General Managers, Department Managers, Shift leaders and our Crew Trainers (as I like to call them: Chief of First Impressions) . For the first two weeks or so of your journey with us, you will have one of our Crew Trainers with you along the way to make sure you are set up for success! We know going into a new job can be scary, and that’s one of the many reasons why we buddy you up with a trainer!

Are you ready to work with one of the largest brands in the world?

If any of this sounds like something you want to be a part of then please apply, we will be looking forward to meeting you! 

This job posting is for a position in a restaurant owned and operated by an independent franchisee and not McDonald’s USA. This franchisee owns a license to use McDonald’s logos and food products, for example, when running the restaurant. However, this franchisee is a separate company and a separate employer from McDonald’s USA. If you are hired for the job described in this posting, the franchisee will be your employer, not McDonald’s USA. Only the franchisee is responsible for employment matters at the restaurant, including hiring, firing, discipline, supervisions, staffing, and scheduling employees. McDonald’s USA has no control over employment matters at the restaurant. McDonald’s USA will not receive a copy of your employment application and it will have no involvement in any employment decisions, including whether you receive an interview for the job or whether you are hired.

Additional Info:

This job posting contains some information about what it is like to work in a McDonald’s restaurant, but it is not a complete job description. People who work in a McDonald’s restaurant perform a number of different tasks every day, and this posting does not list all of the essential functions of this job. Starting pay rates up to $17 per hour, depending on availability.

By applying to this position, I understand that I am applying to work at a restaurant that is owned and operated by an independent franchisee, not McDonald’s USA. I understand that this franchisee is a separate company and a separate employer from McDonald’s USA. Any information I provide in this application will be submitted only to the independent franchisee, who is the only company responsible for employment matters at this restaurant. I recognize that the independent franchisee alone will make all decisions concerning employment matters, including hiring, firing, discipline, supervision, staffing and scheduling. By applying for a job at a franchisee operated restaurant, I understand that the information I provide will be forwarded to the franchisee organization in order for that organization to reach out to me and process and evaluate my application. I acknowledge that McDonald’s USA will not receive a copy of my employment application and will have no involvement in any employment decisions regarding me, including whether I receive an interview or whether I am hired to work for the franchisee. I understand that I need to contact the franchise organization for information about its privacy practices.